Sunday, November 19, 2006

Big City Graph-X Provides Printing Solutions for Advertising Agencies by Louis Victor

Big City Graph-X Provides Printing Solutions for Advertising Agencies by Louis Victor

Big City Graph-X has long understood that the advertising industry at many times is under time constraints, so a quick turnaround on printing jobs is necessary. Big City Graph-X & Printing, since inception, has been committed to creating and nurturing long-term relationships between their network of clients, vendors, staff and the community in which they do business. Consistent quality, the latest technology, competitive pricing, and client awareness are the important components that make up the Big City Graph-X & Printing experience. Timeliness and the ability to process quick turnarounds has been something that advertising agencies have praised Big City Graph-X for over the years. This is the reason why more advertising agencies have been seeking out the services of this printing company on the move. The company was founded in 1995 to meet the requirements of the ever-changing printing business. In today marketplace the need for jobs to be done on demand has grown and Big City has been there to meet these needs. The company has taken that knowledge and implemented a company philosophy that guarantees their client's satisfaction. With printing industry veteran, CEO Paul Salas, at the helm of the company, Big City has been poised for success from day one. With the humble beginnings in a 200 square foot storefront in Kew Gardens, NY with one small window and a door to provide ventilation to a facility that boast the latest printing technology available and employs a talented staff of creative and printing professionals in the heart of Long Island City, NY. Paul Salas is what one may call a case study for determination and drive, as he worked countless hours on building his business while working side jobs in the catering business just to keep food on the table. He has become a person that Hispanic leaders should hold in the highest regard as he presents a positive image for young Hispanics not only in the New York area but also through out the United States. It is his vision that has brought Big City Graphic-x to this level and now with positive and active support from his Wife Raquel, Big City Graphic-x is well on its way to becoming a leader in the United States printing industry. Big City Graphic-x has the ability to fulfill practically any major advertising campaigns printing needs at competitive rates, this along with the timeliness and high quality factor has made Big City Graphic-x a company to watch in 2007.

Advertising agencies can contact Big city Graphic-x by going to:
Any Media inquiries can be directed to Big City Graphic-x at 718-706-9670.
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About the Author
Louis Victor is the host of the syndicated radio show and financial newsletter "Wall Street to Main Street" which is featured on the NAMC Newswire Radio. He has been involved in the financial industry for over two decades, on the retail and investment banking ends. He is also well versed in the advertising and marketing industries, which has given him insight into market trends and unqiue companies that may be under the radar.

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